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What is Integrative Psychotherapy (Counselling)

I take a relational and transpersonal approach to the exploration of what brings you to therapy now. This may involve a re-telling of your life story and how you have arrived at your current position. This is a soulful journey of discovery and challenge that will take us into light and dark spaces of the heart and mind.

My approach is essentially integrative and relational drawing on humanistic/existential, psychodynamic and archetypal psychologies, the main premise being that it is the quality and depth of relationship that promotes change. I also include a transpersonal perspective working with what lies beyond or across an individual perspective, including cultural, ecological and spiritual contexts.

This is not a system of psychology that looks to fix, instantly solve, or cure away symptoms. Nor are symptoms dismissed! Instead symptoms may be seen as messengers to be listened to and understood. We might ask ourselves existential questions such as: What might our symptoms be calling us to notice? How can we learn to integrate our past and move into our future with an ability to be fully present to the moment?

The therapeutic process involves re-working and re-visioning what it means to be you, right here right now and that may require delving into the past to gain insight and understanding about your present and possible futures.

We would usually meet weekly for 50minute sessions (sometimes it may feel right to have more than one session a week).

Why Now?

Maybe you feel dissatisfied with your life and long for something else but are just not sure what! Perhaps you feel stressed, depressed or exhausted from the heroic struggles of everyday life and need some solace or a change of pace. Or maybe you have old childhood wounding that needs attention. Working in a trauma-informed way we can explore the early origins of your current relational dynamics.

Why Here?

Choosing a counsellor or psychotherapist can be a difficult process and one that needs careful consideration. First we can meet for an initial consultation/assessment session after which we can decide together whether and how to proceed. A growing body of evidence points to the quality of the relationship between therapist and client as being the core factor in the healing process so with that in mind the aim of our work together will be interactive and mutually engaging.

Call 07725523125 for an initial counselling, psychotherapy or supervision session in Hampton (London Borough of Richmond).

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